Here’s the pictures: The Yakutat Tern Festival

Bird-watching on Sandy Beach during the Yakutat Tern Festival. Photo by Ed Schoenfeld, CoastAlaska News.

Aleutian and Actic terns fly above their nesting grounds at Black San Beach in Yakutat.

Tern festival organizer Susan Oehlers, a USFS biologist, answers the phone at the event's registration table.

Tern festival birdwatchers admire a totem carved as a memorial for Yakutat's Nathan Harry Bremner, who died of leukemia at age 16 in 2005.

Teresa Hunt of the Yakutat Ranger District displays a T-shirt about to be tie-dyed.

A student tie-dyes a T-shirt during the Yakutat Tern Festival at Yakutat High School.

Alaska Native Brotherhood leader Don Bremner drums for attention at Yakutat's ANB Hall during the tern festival.

Leader George Ramos talks about traditions as the Mount Saint Elias Dancers prepare to perform at Yakutat's Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall.

A young performer is one of the Mount Saint Elias Dancers at Yakutat's Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall.

The Mount Saint Elias Dancers share their culture at Yakutat's Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall.

Students sand ceremonial wooden dance paddles in a Yakutat Tern Festival class led by Juneau carver Doug Chilton.

A bird-watcher carries a scope during a field trip to Yakutat's Strawberry Point, near Black Sand Spit, during the festival.

Five Aleutian terns sit on a protected beach on Yakutat's Black Sand Spit, a nesting area.

A local girl pilots the skiff on the way back from tern-watching at Black Sand Spit.

An injured American kestrel is shown to students during an Alaska Raptor Center program at the Yakutat Tern Festival.

Yakutat students react to raptor center birds and ask questions about their behavior.

Alaska Raptor Center handler Steve Abbott holds Qigiq the snowy owl during a festival demonstration.

A vandalized sign shows the way to Russell Fjord, a field trip destination.

Birdwatchers look for sea birds and harbor porpoises at Russell Fjord, also spelled Russel Fiord.

A sign advertises a seafood chowder lunch, one of several fund-raisers held during the festival.

Birdwatchers search for sea birds on Yakutat's Sandy Beach.

Ducks swim in Yakutat's Monti Bay.

Signs direct festival-goers to events at Yakutat High.

Mallott's General Store was a coffee stop for tired birders during the tern festival.

Some Strawberry Point fish camp structures stand behind stumps and logs. Terns are often spotted here.

Two birders use a scope to search Yakutat's Monti Bay for terns.

The Yakutat Tern Festival's 2013 T-shirt.