AKCH2 2015

Creating Healthy Communities for Returning Citizens – Alaska Prisoner Reentry Initiative

The Alaska Prisoner Reentry Initiative (AK PRI) is a first step in creating a process, both inside and outside, to help returning Alaska prisoners reengage in their home communities. We know that most Alaska inmates will return to their home communities at some time—DOC is working to develop clear reentry plans for each inmate while they are still incarcerated, develop partnerships with community reentry coalitions for a “warm handoff” to the community, and critical partnerships within communities to make sure we have housing, jobs, treatment, educational and family services to assist returning citizens have the support needed to remain home and not recidivate. This presentation will discuss the initiative, the role of community coalitions, and the need for strong partnerships to assist in all aspects of creating healthy and welcoming communities. By working together and creating community support for all returning citizens we will have safer neighborhoods, better citizens, and stronger families.