National Day of Listening

The National Day of Listening was started by StoryCorps in 2008 as a way to provide an alternative to “Black Friday” shopping sprees. By participating in this year’s National Day of Listening, we hope you’ll find that taking the time out to interview someone about his or her life is the least expensive but most meaningful gift that we can give.

“The idea of listening during the holiday season has clearly resonated with people across the country. The National Day of Listening, which coincides with Black Friday–traditionally the largest shopping day of the year–provides a meaningful alternative to holiday consumerism and proves that simply listening to one another is the least expensive and most meaningful gift we can give.”

StoryCorps founder and MacArthur “Genius” Dave Isay

Here’s what’s airing locally:

Monday – November 25 on Morning Edition

Tuesday – November 26 on Morning Edition

Wednesday – November 27 on Morning Edition

Thursday – November 28 at 6 p.m.

StoryCorps, Juneau: Renee Guerin-Blood, Connie and Alan Munro, Kim and Peter Metcalf, Grace Elliott, and Jean Clayton.

National Day of Listening participants are encouraged to record their National Day of Listening interviews using equipment that is readily available in most homes–from cell phones to tape recorders to computers or even pen and paper.

StoryCorps, in partnership with SoundCloud, provides an interactive Wall of Listening on their website that is easy and accessible for everyone. National Day of Listening Participants can go to, follow the instructions on the site, and upload their stories! StoryCorps has also created a free Do-It-Yourself interview guide with equipment recommendations and interview instructions available online at