Local Programs

Juneau Afternoon

A Juneau Afternoon is locally produced and airs from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our hosts interview a range of guests from local business owners to visiting artists and speakers. If it’s happening in Juneau, you’ll hear about it on the show. If you’d like to be a guest on the program, contact us during regular business hours at 586-1670, or send a note from the website’s “contact” page.

Telling Tales with Ms. G

Locally hosted story telling. Reviews of the show include: “MsG reads stories that keep me in my car long after I should have gotten out.” “She’s only left me hanging a couple of times, but it was worth it to get the ending.” “Funny stuff.” “Good and suspenseful.” “Made me think and want to talk about it the next day. Good thing I can with MsG.” “Really reminds me of the old-fashioned radio shows.” To contact and follow Ms. G.: Email: msgk2dj@outlook.com.

Focus on Community

“Focus on Community” is an hour long, public affairs program hosted by different volunteer, community members each week. The format ranges from in-studio discussions, to live call-ins. Topics vary from peace initiatives to mental health problems to hotly debated town issues. Any and all community members are invited to present a show idea and work with us to bring it to the air.


Real people. real stories. Live, on stage. “Mudrooms” is a community-powered monthly event in Juneau, where real people tell real stories, live. Anchorage has “Arctic Entries”. In Juneau, we’re just as sophisticated – just a little muddier. Mudrooms’ creators are Amanda Compton and Alida Bus. Audio production by Marc Wheeler.

Garden Talk

Children’s Theater


Arts@360 is a new public television and radio series that focuses on Alaskan arts, music and culture. Our three series are “Alaska Originals,” “Writers’ Showcase,” and “The Artist.” Each program broadcasts on 360 North, and as appropriate, KTOO-FM and other public stations in the state.


Forum@360 is a new studio series on 360 North, Alaska’s public affairs channel. Guests from around Alaska will share their stories and discuss the issues of the day with a live studio and online audience. The series will be hosted by public media journalists from 360 North and KTOO. Episodes will air on TV and on KTOO.

Special Programs

Even though all the programming we feature is special, it just doesn’t fit into a category. You may find it here!