Juneau Afternoon – 1-11-18

By January 11, 2018A Juneau Afternoon
    Thursday at 3 on a Juneau Afternoon, Scott Burton hosts.

    We’ll meet Marnie Kaler, the new UAS Director of Admissions, Recruitment and Advising;

    Justin James will outline coach recruitment for Girls On The Run;

    Mercedes Munoz will highlight the upcoming Canvas fundraiser dinner;

    Brenda Wright will preview the upcoming Audubon meeting;

    And Nancy DeCherney will be here with Arts Up.

    That, Bird Note, music and more on A Juneau Afternoon, live at 3 on KTOO, repeated at 4 on KRNN, and available on demand via KTOO.org


    Tune in at 7, for Humankind, KTOO-NEWS, followed at 8 by Alternative Radio. Tonight’s topic is the Middle East and the United States.


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