Homeskillet on Tape

KXLL has some talented DJs. David Reed, one of our newest, is also film maker. This weekend he’s going to Sitka for Homeskillet Fest to collect more great footage.

“Each year dozens of artists from the Northwest and beyond gather in the small coastal town of Sitka, Alaska. The result is a festival unlikely to repilcated: A small fishing town stacked the musicians ranging from a single person with a guitar to a gang of computers used by breakdancing madmen. Homeskillet festival seems to have it all, but in a personal dose. All acts share one stage and artists can been seen in the audience enjoying other performers. Everyone gathers to enjoying the music together, reflecting how the festival began in the first place – friends on a Sitka beach entertaining each other through song.” -David Reed

Home Skillet Festival from David Reed on Vimeo.


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