Marijuana grower changes plea

Sentencing is planned for mid-August for a Juneau man arrested for growing marijuana and then arrested a few months later for accepting a package containing narcotics. That second arrest led to the discovery of more marijuana plants at his new residence.

Scott W. Eberhardt, 28, changed his plea to guilty in Juneau Superior Court on Thursday to two drug charges in exchange for the dismissal of two others. The first remaining count was related to the mailed narcotics and it was downgraded from felony misconduct involving a controlled substance to attempted misconduct, a misdemeanor. The second count for possession of over 25 marijuana plants remained as a felony.

Eberhardt was found to have violated conditions of his release from his previous arrest — a misdemeanor — and he already pled guilty in the case stemming from the previous grow operation.

He’ll likely spend a consecutive fourteen months in prison for the felony and misdemeanor charges combined. He’ll also be on probation for three years.

Members of Southeast Alaska Cities Against Drugs say they got a tip that Eberhardt was to pick up a package at a post office last April. The package was intercepted and allegedly contained what was called multiple tablets of Roxicodone concealed inside.

They served a search warrant at Eberhardt’s new residence on Jennifer Drive and said they found a marijuana grow operation with 61 plants.

Eberhardt was previously arrested in December for growing as many as 181 marijuana plants at a North Douglas highway residence.

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