Juneau Afternoon 5/3/12

Today at 3 on KTOO-FM on A Juneau Afternoon, Pat Moore hosts. Ati Naseah and Mark Calvert, from AWARE, will be here to talk about the installation of the CHOOSE RESPECT Mural on the KTOO Building; we’ll get a preview of Sunday’s concert by the Hot Club of Cowtown, as part of the Juneau Jazz & Classics Festival; Tanya Cadigan, from Caribou Crossing, will bring Kodiak artist Lisa McCormick by to tell us about her First Friday opening at Tanya’s Caribou Crossing galary; Addison Field, Curator of Collections and
Exhibits at the Juneau-Douglas City Museum, will bring us up to date on what’s up at the City Museum and will introduce Averyl Veliz, who’s opening an exhibit of backgrounds for a 2-D hand-drawn film she’s working on; and Nancy DeCherney will give us the rundown on art happenings in the capital city during Arts Up.

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