Sitka man’s death under investigation in Juneau

Juneau Police investigators are looking into the recent death of a Sitka man, who may have committed suicide.

Police Spokeswoman Cindee Brown-Mills says on December 13th at about 3 a.m., officers responded to a report of a man who’d been stabbed in the chest at the 5000 block of North Douglas Highway. The man, 55-year-old Byron John Paul, died the same day at Bartlett Regional Hospital. Brown-Mills says witnesses told police that Paul’s death was a suicide.

“Anytime that we have an unattended death, which means a death that there’s not a doctor present – which we get a fair number of those – our investigators want to make sure they do a thorough job,” says Brown-Mills. “And that’s what they’re doing in this case. They just have a few questions they want to get answered, and they’re looking into them more. But we don’t really have anything else to release.”

Brown-Mills declined to discuss the nature of the investigation and what prompted it, or where Paul – a Sitka resident – was staying and what he was doing in Juneau.

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