Political Satire by Alaska Robotics

Juneau-based Alaska Robotics recently raised several thousand dollars on Kickstarter to create six web video episodes of satirical political news over the course of the 2014 Alaska legislative session. We talk to the three funnymen behind the Alaska Robotics label, Pat Race, Aaron Suring and Lou Logan. Related articles: Alaska’s Daily Show? Alaska Robotics takes…


Living the Language

On this Forum@360: Living the Language, Tlingit speakers and educators discuss how to live the language, what does it mean, how can we incorporate language into our homes, into our community, and what are the tools to get us there. Featured speakers are: David Katzeek – Tlingit speaker and clan leader Marsha Hotch – University…


Wild Coast Trekkers

Wild Coast Trekkers, the first episode in the Forum@360 series, is about the adventurers who were highlighted in the film Journey on the Wild Coast, making films in the far reaches of Alaska, and their future projects — both film and in print.

Arts@360, Writers' Showcase

Holidays 2013

This Writers’ Showcase is holiday themed. Watch Alaskan actors and celebrities read Alaskan writers’ work about new holiday traditions in the 49th state. A laugh-out-loud version of an Alaskan Hanukkah, Christmas on a remote island, a view of the Bronx from Juneau, mouth-watering tamales, family, surprise, love, and a smoke-breathing Christmas Dragon. Writers and actors…

Alaska Statehood Pioneers: In Their Own Words

Episode 10: Jay Hammond (part 2)

By 1974, Jay Hammond had put in 12 years as a state representative, senator, and senate president. Despite his ambivalence about being a politician, Hammond went on to be a two-term governor who oversaw the creation of the Alaska Permanent Fund, the dividend program and, to his chagrin, the repeal of the personal income tax.

Alaska Statehood Pioneers: In Their Own Words

Episode 9: Jay Hammond (part 1)

Jay Hammond was born in upstate New York in 1922. He became an Alaska bush pilot after World War II and stumbled into the newly established state’s politics. He was a key player in deciding how the state would manage its newfound oil wealth, and eventually became one of Alaska’s most colorful governors.

Alaska Statehood Pioneers: In Their Own Words

Episode 7: Katie Hurley

Katie Hurley, born Kathryn Torkelson in 1921, was the daughter of Norweigan immigrants who met in Juneau. She was a long-time staffer to territorial Gov. Ernest Gruening, and chief clerk of the Alaska Constitutional Convention. In 1960, she remarried and moved to Wasilla. She was the first woman in Alaska to win a contested primary election for a statewide seat and is a member of the Alaska Women’s Hall of Fame.

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