Alaska Arctic Policy Commission, Part 2

Location: Unalaska Grand Aleutian Hotel — Teleconference — –Meeting time is 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm– TOPIC: Alaska Arctic Policy Commission Informational Presentations and Public Testimony -Aleutian Islands Risk Assessment with emphasis on Unimak Pass by City of Unalaska Mayor Shirley Marquardt -Alaska Dept of Env Conservation by Comm. Hartig -Alaska Clean Seas Oil Spill Recovery Org (OSRO) Assets & Capabilities Brief by Barkley Lloyd -NOAA Future Needs & Plans for Ocean Observing in the Arctic by Zdenka Willis Dir. Nat’l Integrated Ocean Observing System (NIOOS) -US Coast Guard Arctic Strategy by Jamie Robinson -Int’l Maritime Org. Polar Sea Code by TBD -Aleut Int’l Assn. by James Gamble -Alaska Marine Pilots by Captain Christy -Bering Sea Fisheries by Specialist Frank Kelty -Ounalashka Corporation by CEO Richard Miller -Qawalangin Tribe of Unalaska by Denise Rankin -Aleut Corporation by TBD -Alaska’s Thoughts on Deep Water Ports/Dev. & Investments by Brenden Kelly -Public Testimony
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