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Fixing Long Election Lines May Be Easier Said Than Done

President Obama, in his victory speech, noted that the hours voters had to wait in line are something “we have to fix.” One solution: Spend more on equipment and poll workers. But that would be tough in this fiscal climate. Another is to expand early voting. But states such as Ohio have had their early-voting laws challenged in court.» E-Mail This » Add to

Sandy, Election Could Skew Future Jobs Reports

Friday’s jobs report was — in effect — a BEFORE snapshot of the U.S. economy. The Labor Department collected all of the data before Superstorm Sandy slammed into the East Coast and before the election outcome could be known. The election adds uncertainty over the looming fiscal cliff that has made some companies reluctant to hire.» E-Mail This » Add to

How Conservatives Learned To Love Mitt Romney

His rise in the polls has been accompanied by a shift to the middle that conservatives had long feared. But because Romney triumphed in direct debate with President Obama, the right is embracing him like never before. Says one conservative leader: “They really get the feeling their guy can win.”» E-Mail This » Add to

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