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"Anti-Discrimination Act"

Peratrovich dollar coin will either have her likeness or a symbolic Tlingit raven

The 2020 dollar coin honoring Elizabeth Peratrovich will either have a literal image of the Alaska Native civil rights leader on it, or a Raven holding a key — a symbol of her Tlingit Raven moiety and her role in agitating for an anti-discrimination law.

Gov. Walker wants Elizabeth Peratrovich on $10 bill

The Walker-Mallott administration has nominated Tlingit civil rights leader Elizabeth Wanamaker Peratrovich to be on the new $10 bill. The U.S. Treasury is collecting nominations of women who were champions for democracy to put on the redesigned note. The governor and lieutenant governor say Peratrovich fits the description well. Walker Press Secretary Katie Marquette says…

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