Gardening tips and information from KTOO in Juneau

Gardentalk – Fall Chores

Jim Douglas of the Cooperative Extension Service has some helpful hints about end-of-season gardening chores. He also warns against sticking items into a compost pile this late in the season becuase it may not get hot enough to allow decompose materials. First, he starts with lawn care and how to get rid of that moss.

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Gardentalk – Timing

Jim Douglas of the Cooperative Extension Service tells us why its not a good idea to be installing a lawn or planting bulbs right now.

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Gardentalk – Harvest Fair

It’s harvest time and many Alaskans will don their raingear and boots to pick some of their choicest fruits and vegetables. Master gardener Ed Buyarski has some tips and also tells us about the annual Harvest Fair happening in Juneau this weekend.

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Gardentalk – Seeds

We go back to the garden of Master Garderner Ed Buyarski for some ideas about making cuttings of flowering plants for seed collection. This segment was taped in June, so now may be a good time to collect seeds in those higher elevations mentioned by Buyarski.

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Gardentalk – Electric Fences

In a continuation of a conversation with Master Garderner Ed Buyarski in his garden, he says an electric fence has proven effective in keeping bears out of his compost, garden, and trash.

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Gardentalk – Weeds

Jim Douglas of the Cooperative Extension Service goes on location to Twin Lakes to check out some of the most invasive weeds infesting Juneau and describes what homeowners can do about them.

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Gardentalk – Seaweed

In this conversation with Master Gardener Ed Buyarski, he explains how natural fertilizers such as crush shells, spawned out salmon, and washed up seaweed can be used in a garden.

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Gardentalk – Creative Weeding

Looking for some help in keeping your weeds under control? Master Gardener Ed Buyarski suggests corn gluten, a controlled flame, and a layer of sand mulch as some alternative techniques.

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