Your membership matters, now more than ever.

We’re in the home stretch, only a few thousand dollars left to raise by June 30, the end of KTOO’s fiscal year.

These are challenging times for public media, but community support for KTOO has been incredible, and we are well on our way toward out annual goal of $330,000, an all-time record!

Here’s how you can join in the community effort to fund KTOO, KRNN and KXLL:

  • Join – become a new member
  • Sustain – change to a sustaining membership which renews automatically every year
  • Additional gift – if you’ve already donated, consider an additional contribution toward the goal
  • Share – use Facebook or Twitter to challenge your friends to give, and use #ISupportKTOO as the hashtag
  • Wear your favorite KTOO t-shirt and send us a picture
  • Post a picture of your KTOO mug collection
  • Volunteer to help answer phones during the on-air drive

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