KTOO Parking Permits & Key Request

KTOO Parking Permit & Key Requests

KTOO staff, volunteers, contractors and guests: please complete and submit this request to ask for building keys and parking permits.  When your key and/or permit is ready to pick up someone will let you know.  Thanks!

By submitting your request, you agree to the following rules:


  • I will keep the card and key in my possession or in a safe place at all times.
  • I will not write any information on the card.
  • I will not loan the key card or key to any person, for any purpose whatsoever, nor permit the card to be used for any purpose by any other person.
  • I understand that every time I use my key card my access is recorded in a log.
  • I will immediately notify KTOO of the loss or theft of my card or key and the circumstances surrounding such loss or theft.
  • I will return the card and key when my work at KTOO ends.
  • If I lose the card I will pay a $5 card replacement fee.


  • I will display the parking permit on my rear view mirror whenever I park at KTOO.
  • I will park in assigned spaces.
  • I will keep the parking permit in my possession or in a safe place at all times.
  • I will not loan the parking permit to anyone else.
  • I will only park at KTOO when I am working or visiting KTOO.
  • I will not park overnight at KTOO.
  • I will return the permit when my work at KTOO ends.
  • (i.e., Subaru Legacy)
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