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Thursday, October 13, 2022: Living Black in a White Community

Systemic racism, prejudice and misconceptions are an everyday occurrence for Blacks and other people of color in America. This week on Culture Rich Conversations, Christina Michelle asks this question: Could understanding the truth of living Black in a white community provide enough insight to create a spark that leads to racial equity? Her panelists this…

Part 1: Listen to the Show

Guests: Dr. Rose Moten, Tahkaja McRay, Ahmir Parker and Alicia Stettler.

Friday, September 30, 2022: Behind the scenes of a new network TV show with Indigenous filmmakers. Presbyterian church apologizes to Juneau Native community. Juneau Audubon Society Bird of the Week. Juneau Soccer Club.

    Ever since Vera Starbard was tapped for the hit PBS TV series, Molly of Denali, the Lingít writer’s career has taken off. On this Friday’s Juneau Afternoon, she talks about her role as a writer and consultant for Alaska Daily, a new ABC drama starring Hilary Swank as an investigative reporter, looking into…

Part 1: Alaska Native screenwriters preview of new ABC TV series, Alaska Daily, which premieres Thursday, October 6.

Guests: Vera Starbard and Andrew Okpeaha MacLean, screenwriters for Alaska Daily.
Vera Starbard and Andrew MacLean talk about the challenges and the opportunities for Alaska Natives to tell their stories on ABC’s new drama, Alaska Daily. In a conversation with Rhonda McBride, both say they’ve tapped family and friends for help in keeping the show authentic as possible.
A black and white photo of people leaving a church

Part 2: Presbyterian Church tries to make amends for racist policies that closed a Lingít Church.

Guests: Joaqlin Estus, national correspondent for Indian Country today.
  The late Walter Soboleff has said very little about how he felt, when Presbyterian church officials closed down Memorial Presbyterian Church in Juneau. But those who knew the Lingít minister said he kept his anguish to himself, after his mostly Alaska Native congregation was told they’d after to worship somewhere else. That was back…

Part 3: Northern Harrier passes through Juneau on fall migration.

Guests: Brenda Wright, programs manager for the Juneau Audubon Society.
    The Northern Harrier stays a little longer in Juneau than cruise ship passengers, but there’s not much time to see them during their fall migration. So keep your eye out for a bird that flies close to the ground and has a white rump.

Part 4: Juneau Soccer Club back in action this fall.

Guests: Stacy Diouf, Juneau Soccer Club President.
  The Juneau Soccer Club keeps the ball moving through the winter with games at an indoor soccer field. A look at how kids can join and can get help paying their expenses, if they need it.  

Thursday, September 29, 2022: What Lingít singers sounded like two centuries ago. Weighing the pros and cons of a Constitutional Convention. 

On this Thursday’s Juneau Afternoon, a musical time capsule from the year 1781, when a Spanish ship called the Malespina,  sailed into Yakutat. After Lingít singers sang to the Spaniards, one of its crew members, wrote down the notes to the song. A trio of scholars believes this sheet music is proof that the Lingít…

Part 1: Voices of the ancestors return: Lingít scholars use sheet music from 1791.

Guests: Maria Shakka Tláa Williams, musical ethnologist. Judith Daxootsu Ramos, language Steven Langdon. anthropologist.
  Three scholars have triangulated the sounds of Lingít singing through sheet music written down by Tadeo Haenke and recordings of elders singing. Haenke, a Czech botanist on the Malaspina expedition, was also an artist and a harpsichord player.  

Part 2: Political Analysis: Pros and Cons of a Constitutional Convention.

Guests: Tim Bradner, Alaska Legislative Digest. James Brooks, Alaska Beacon.
    The U.S. House Race and the debate over Alaska’s  new system of ranked choice voting seems to be sucking up all the political oxygen, which means a measure asking Alaska voters to approve a constitutional convention is getting very little attention. If this measure passes, it could open a Pandora’s box of issues. Rhonda…

Wednesday, September 28, 2022: Savor the Moment with culinary adventurer Beth Short-Rhoads. Healing totem raised at Twin Lakes on Saturday. Juneau Community Charter School.

On Juneau Afternoon today, a taste of Beth Short Rhoad’s kitchen philosophy. The simpler the better. And above all, keep it fresh. From her home in Sitka, Short-Rhoads produces “The Savory Moment,” a radio feature that brings dinner ideas to life. Also, on this program: From start to finish, the journey of a healing totem,…

Part 1: From kitchen to table, Beth Short-Rhoads’ radio feature captures “The Savory Moment”

Guests: Beth Short-Rhoads, a Sitka-based chef, writer and host of “The Savory Moment.”
  Ideas for dinner are just part of the recipe for Beth Short-Rhoad’s series, “The Savory Moment.” She hopes to give public radio listeners a break from their “to do lists” and worries.  

Part 2: Juneau Community Charter School: Inspiring a love of learning.

Guests: Britteny Cioni-Haywood, Juneau Community Charter School academic policy committee member. Makiah Jensen and Tera Hicks, middle school students.
Many parents are drawn to charter schools, because they not only offer different options, but allow them to take a more active role in their child’s education.  A look at how Juneau Community Charter School tries to serve its families.

Part 3: AWARE healing totem, a symbol of hope.

Guests: Sarah Lynn Tabachnick
AWARE will unveil the Healing Totem pole it commissioned in partnership with the Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska  at Twin Lakes on Saturday at noon.  A reception at Elizabeth Peratrovich Hall will follow.      
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