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Thursday, April 28, 2022: Sharing Stories: First encounters with racism

  They say racism may be hard to describe, but you know it when you see it. Often that’s not the case. For many their first encounters with racist behavior may not only be hurtful, but also confusing. On today’s Culture Rich Conversations, Michael Patterson talks with KTOO’s Rhonda McBride about growing up in the…

Reflections on early experiences with racism.

Michael Patterson talks with KTOO’s Rhonda McBride about her perspectives on racism, as an Asian American and a journalist.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022: KTOO studio dedicated to Carolyn Hobbs Peterson. Juneau Symphony spring concert preview. Brewers Guild of Alaska AK5K Beer Run.  

On this Tuesday’s Juneau Afternoon, time out to take care of some KTOO family business. Studio 2K will be dedicated in the memory of Carolyn Hobbs Peterson, a Juneau artist, animal lover, and a volunteer for many community causes. You’ll also hear the story of KTOO’s Studio 2K, which was designed with Juneau Afternoon in…

Part 1: KTOO Studio 2K part of a larger renovation project, using best acoustic engineering practices.

Guests: Bill Legere, KTOO General Manager. George Reifenstein, longtime KTOO board member. Wayne Jensen, architect for remodeling project. Art Peterson, donor for Studio 2K renovation.
  Listen to the official dedication of  KTOO’s Studio 2K to Carolyn Hobbs Peterson, as well as the story behind a $58,000 community campaign to bring KTOO’s outdated studios into the modern broadcasting era.      

Part 2: Brewers Guild of Alaska fundraiser: AK5K walk, run or hike.

Guests: Meghan Chambers, Forbidden Peak Brewery. Tommy Vrabec, Denali Brewing Company.
  Leave it up to the Brewers Guild of Alaska to figure out how to roll exercise, fun and of course, beer, into one package. In the 2022 AK5K, you can choose your own route to run, walk or hike a 5K. When you finish,  you receive prizes.  

Part 3: Dr. Christopher Koch takes the helm of the Juneau Symphony at spring concert.

Guests: Charlotte Truitt, executive director for the Juneau Symphony. Dr. Christopher Koch, Juneau Symphony music director.
    After two long years of struggling during the pandemic, the Juneau Symphony returns to the stage as a full orchestra, and the timing couldn’t be better. It’s the debut concert for Dr. Christopher Koch, the Symphony’s new music director. This weekend’s symphony performance is a Musician’s Favorites concert that features pieces selected by…

Tuesday, April 26, 2022: Juneau music producer, Mike Maas, releases new album. Update on Riverview Senior Living housing program. Project Homeless Connect. CBJ Parks and Rec launches 3rd annual Walk Southeast challenge.

Mike Maas is a Juneau songwriter, who produces what he calls “chill pop,” a mix of musical influences that includes rhythm and blues, as well as jazz. On this Tuesday’s Juneau Afternoon, a chance to hear some cuts from Maas’ new album, Crestfallen, which features the vocals of Alyssa Fischer. Also in this program: From…

Part 1: Crestfallen, produced by songwriter Mike Maas, has “chill pop” vibe.

Guests: Mike Maas, music producer, Blue Nagoon. Alyssa Fischer, singer on Crestfallen.
When Mike Maas wrote the first song for his new album, Crestfallen, he put out a call for a singer — and when Alyssa Fischer responded, he was surprised that her voice was such a perfect match for the piece. The collaboration led to more songs that explore what Maas calls the “small moments in…

Part 2: Riverview Senior Living project ready to sign up new residents.

Guests: Sioux Douglas, Riverview Senior Living volunteer. Lori Schultz, Northstar Senior Living
Riverview Senior Living is expected to open its doors sometime next year. The long-awaited housing project will offer assisted living and memory care in a beautiful setting. Sioux Douglas, who has worked on bringing Riverview Senior Living to fruition for more than ten years, hopes it will create a thriving community for Juneau’s growing elderly…

Part 3: Finding help at Project Homeless Connect.

Guests: Dave Ringle, Executive Director,St. Vincent de Paul. Luke Vroman, Deputy Director, Glory Hall.
St. Vincent de Paul, Glory Hall and a number of other organizations have teamed up for Project Homeless Connect, a one-day event that tries to connect people in need to services to help them stabilize their lives. This year’s event will be somewhat different than past years. Instead of gathering at Centennial Hall in downtown…

Part 4: CBJ gears up for third annual Walk Southeast challenge.

Guests: Lauren Verrelli, Recreation & Public Services Manager, City and Borough of Juneau.
You can walk Southeast Alaska without having to leave Juneau. That’s the pitch being made by the organizers of this year’s Walk Southeast, as they gear up for this year’s event, which is sponsored by the City and Borough of Juneau’s Parks and Recreation department. All you have to do is sign-up and track the…

Friday, April 22, 2022: Sonus album released: A big sound from a small town. Juneau Disc Golf Club holds May events. National Record Store Day celebrated in Juneau. Marie Drake Planetarium Earth Day presentation.

Gustavus may be a small community, but it’s where Sean Patrick followed his passions to produce Sonus, a hard rock album that packs a punch. On this Friday’s Juneau Afternoon, the story behind the album. How Patrick produced it in Gustavus, at the “Rusty Recordings” studios, where Justin Smith engineered and mixed his tracks –…

Part 1: The source of the Sonus album sound.

Guests: Sean Patrick, singer-songwriter and guitarist. Justin Smith, recording engineer, Rusty Recordings.
Sean Patrick hasn’t been able to devote himself to his music full time. He runs a construction company in Gustavus, a remote community in Southeast Alaska that’s home to less than 700 people. And there aren’t the outlets in Gustavus to perform, not like musicians have in larger communities, except for a weekly Friday night…

Part 2: Disc golf grows in popularity in Juneau, boosted by workshops and community events.

Guests: Shannon Crossley, Juneau Disc Golf Club. Zoe AnDyke and Dustin Keegan, Uplay Disc Golf.
If Juneau Disc Golf Club has its way,  you’ll see the sport in every community in Southeast Alaska within the next five years. That’s the goal, at least. But for now, the club is holding a week of events to promote disc golf in Juneau, including a free community workshop.  

Part 3: National Record Store Day celebrated in Juneau.

Guests: Keith Crocker and Luke Metcalfe, owners of Downtown Disc, interview by KXLL music director Chandre Boom.
National Record Store Day was created in 2007 to keep the culture of independent record stores alive – a time for vinyl enthusiasts, artists and store owners to come together and share their love of music. Juneau will be part of that celebration. KXLL’s Chandre Boom sat down with the owners of Downtown Disc to…

Part 4: Marie Drake Planetarium observes Earth Day.

Guests: Steve Kocsis, Marie Drake Planetarium.
The Marie Drake Planetarium is observing Earth Day on Sunday evening with  a presentation called, “Earth: Our Blue Planet.” at 6:00 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. The presentation is free.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022: AWARE: Reporting sexual assaults. AEYC Early Learning Fair. Juneau Dance Theatre Spring Showcase. Stargazing with Steve Kocsis.

There is a little known option for reporting sexual assaults – a way to disclose anonymously – in which evidence is collected and assigned a number, but not turned over to police. It gives survivors of assault time to heal and decide which path to take in reporting the crime. On Tuesday’s Juneau Afternoon, a…

Part 1: AWARE: Survivors of Rape have choices in the reporting process.

Guests: Swarupa Toth, AWARE Legal and SART manager. Meghan Dihle, RN,CMS-RN, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, Clinical Nurse V.
The crime of sexual assault takes away a victim’s choice, but survivors do have have severals paths to choose from in process of reporting rape, such as disclosing anonymously. A forensic nurse and a legal advocate explain the options and how a team of experts provides care and support during this difficult and delicate time.…

Part 2: AEYC: Early Learning Fair helps families prepare for kindergarten.

Guests: Nikki Love, AEYC Community Engagement Coordinator.
The transition for young children, who will start kindergarten this fall,  should really begin as soon as possible. That’s why the Southeast Alaska Association for the Education of Young Children is holding an early learning fair on Friday, April 22nd.

Part 3: Juneau Dance Theatre celebrates spring with Carnival of the Animals performance.

Guests: Bridget Luhan, Executive Director, Juneau Dance Theatre. Adara Allen, dance student.
Juneau Dance Theatre’s performance of Carnival of the Animals has a lot of moving parts — including choreography from Lazlo Berdo, associate director of the Charlotte Ballet Academy. The Amalga Chamber Orchestra, directed by William Todd Hunt, plays the musical suite for Carnival of the Animals, written by the  famous French composer, Camille Saint-Saëns. The…

Part 4: Stargazing with Steve Kocsis: History of Earth Day.

Guests: Steve Kocsis, Marie Drake Planetarium board member.
In this commentary on the history of Earth day, which falls on Friday, April 22nd, Steve Kocsis looks at what how far the environmental movement has come and how much further it has to go.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022: UAS efforts to attract and keep Alaska Native students. Perseverance Theatre’s Tony Award-winning musical, Fun Home. Litter Free’s community-wide spring clean-up. Garden Talk.

As an Alaska Native from a remote community, who has overcome numerous obstacles in getting a college education, Dannielle Carlson knows what it takes to succeed. Now she helps other Native students on their educational journey at the University of Alaska Southeast. On this Wednesday’s Juneau Afternoon, Carlson talks about her graduate research into some…

Part 1: UAS’s new Alaska Native Success Specialist: Why Dannielle Carlson is so passionate about her job.

Guests: Dannielle Carlson, UAS Alaska Native Success Specialist
Dannielle Carlson grew up in Sandpoint, a remote, predominantly Alaska Native community. As a first-generation graduate, she knows the challenges of pursuing a degree. She’s now putting her personal experience to work as an Alaska Native Student Success Specialist, a newly-created position at the University of Alaska Southeast. Her mission is two-fold: to attract and…

Part 2: Fun Home comes to Peseverance Theatre’s main stage, April 22nd to May 8th.

Guests: Hannah Wolf, Director. Allison Mickelson, plays Big Alison.
Critics called Fun Home one of the most groundbreaking productions to hit Broadway. The play won five Tony Awards in 2015, including Best Musical. This Friday night, the play will open to Juneau audiences at Perseverance Theatre. Fun Home is a production based on a graphic memoire from Alison Bechdel, who used cartoons to tell…
Litter Free Cleanup Day 2012

Part 3: Juneau community-wide clean-up set for Saturday, April 30th.

Guests: John Hudson, Southeast Alaska Watershed Council. Nancy Waterman Southeast Alaska Land Trust.
Juneau’s community-wide clean-up is a rite of Spring that goes back to 1916. Today, it’s run by the non-profit group, Litter Free, and continues to grow in participation. Last year, volunteers collected more than 30,000 pounds of trash.    

Friday, April 15, 2022: Frithjof Kuepper’s passion for studying algae all over the world. The Douglas Dornan Foundation. Juneau Public Library monthly update. JDHS IGNITE Club Easter fundraiser. Stargazing with Steve Koscis

  Just as a fortune teller read tea leaves, Frithjof Kuepper reads algae to learn more the health of the planet. It’s a science that has taken him on diving expeditions around the world – from the Arctic to the Antarctic – as well as the Canadian Arctic, Japan, Malaysia, Chile and the Falklands. On…

Part 1: Dr. Frithjoff Kuepper: Scouting for Alaska research projects on algae.

Guests: Dr. Frithjoff Kuepper, Chair in Marine Biodiversity at the University of Aberdeen. Lynn Wilbur, Juneau resident and PHD Candidate at the University of Aberdeen.
  Dr. Frithjoff Kuepper is in Juneau to work with Lynn Wilbur, a Juneau resident and one of his students at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, where she is a PHD Candidate. Kuepper, whose specialty is studying algae and marine microorganisms, says Alaska is a place where more research is needed. He hopes to…

Part 2: Douglas-Dornan Foundation grant application process.

Guests: Paul Douglas and Marcy Larson, Douglas Dornan Fund advisors.
  Bryan Douglas and Wythe Dornan were a young Juneau couple with a passion for community service – a legacy that lives on, long after they were killed in a car crash in 1993. Both were only 27 years old. Since the Douglas-Dornan Foundation was established in their memory, it has given out more than…

Part 3: Juneau Public Library: New Programs and Marketing Coordinator

Guests: Margaret Luedke, Programs and Marketing Coordinator.
  Margaret Luedke has worked for the Juneau Public Library system since 2018. She started out in the Alaska Library Extension department, which provides library services to Alaskans living in remote areas. In her new job as Programs and Marketing Coordinator, she hopes to engage the community in library programs that promote lifelong learning.  

Part 4: JDHS IGNITE Club raises money for school projects.

Guests: Eva Strum and Nina Jeter, IGNITE Club members at Juneau Douglas Yadaa.at kalé High School.
  If you’re looking for something special for the kids this Easter holiday, there’s an Easter petting zoo outside the Nugget Mall on Saturday, April 16th  from 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. with rabbits, goats and chicks.  It’s a fundraiser for the IGNITE program at Juneau Douglas Yadaa.at kalé High School. IGNITE stands for: Inspiring Girls Now…

Part 5: Stargazing with Steve Kocsis: Why Easter is on a different dates.

Guests: Steve Kocsis, Marie Drake Planetarium.
  Have you ever wondered why Easter falls on a different day every year? Steve Kocsis, with the Marie Drake Planetarium, says it has to do with the Spring Equinox and the moon.    
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