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The KTOO Board of Directors is seeking candidates for the position of President & General Manager.  Livingston Associates is assisting with the search.  To apply, visit

KTOO’s mission is to provide trusted and independent news, connect our community to the arts and music, promote civic participation, and embrace diverse viewpoints and cultures. KTOO is a trusted and essential service in our community, and we seek a creative, innovative, and collaborative leader who will continue to grow our community engagement in Juneau and throughout the state. We have a committed, hardworking staff of 24, a budget of approximately $3.5 million, and a donor base of more than 1,800.

We are extremely proud of our team and leadership, who deliver the best possible, unbiased, diverse, and quality enterprise news reporting and arts and culture programming for our community. Our greatest asset is the trust that our listeners, staff, and community have in our journalism and programming and in KTOO as an organization.

Learn more about the work of KTOO Public Media in our Strategic Plan.

About the position

The expected salary for this position is $140,000 plus benefits, which include employee and dependent health care coverage, 20 weeks of parental leave, paid holidays and personal leave days, medical and vacation leave and a 403 B retirement plan. A relocation stipend is available.

KTOO’s focus on collaborative leadership is a central strength and strategy. Our next leader will continue to build upon this foundation, both internally and externally. We seek an experienced individual with a mature set of leadership and business management abilities who will help maintain and grow a positive, inclusive culture within KTOO. They should have meaningful experience with media and an eye toward trends in technology and consumption of media. They should also be a competent and transparent financial manager.

The staff and board have identified skills and personal characteristics we seek in our next leader. Our next President and General Manager is someone who is most closely embodies the following attributes:


  • Has an open style, but is also an effective decision-maker and change agent;
  • Shows up in the community and with the staff;
  • Is a team leader and builder
    • Practices shared leadership, while at the same time providing direction and accountability for organizational and staff results;
    • Coaches and empowers staff to make decisions that support organizational goals and vision, builds strong internal leaders, and shows staff that their contributions are important;
  • Is comfortable and effective in dealing with a wide range of stakeholders from a broad range of communities in our region and throughout Alaska;
  • Is an articulate, effective spokesperson for KTOO and its mission.

Communication & Collaboration:

  • Is a skillful, effective, and empathic listener;
  • Both enjoys and is comfortable being in a public situation and being “the face” of the organization;
  • Is an organized thinker and an effective writer and speaker;
  • Is personable, inspiring and respectful;
  • Is skilled at building and maintaining consensus;
  • Is able to discern strengths and challenges of potential and current partners;
  • Is quick to identify and accept responsibility for missteps, and just as quick to credit others for contributions and success.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion:

  • Has a strong record of growing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace, in audiences, and in communities served;
  • Has a high-level understanding of DEI best practices, addresses implicit bias and microaggressions, and creates an inclusive workplace;
  • Demonstrates respect for the values of others, treats all people as individuals, sees and uses different perspectives, and has experience in cultures other than their own;
  • Has expertise in diversity-focused hiring practices from position announcements to recruiting and interviewing;
  • Adapts leadership style to current context and realities.

Fiscal & Ethical Integrity:

  • Has a record of appropriately sharing financial information and is able to clearly explain complex business situations to staff, the board, and the public;
  • Is competent in business administration and is able to deal with complex financial environments and balancing multiple financial priorities;
  • Is successful in developing sustainable budgets;
  • Has high standards of personal integrity and ability to inspire that in others;
  • Has a strong record of being trustworthy and of trusting others;
  • Has a high level of transparency;
  • Demonstrates the ability to identify, confront, analyze, and resolve ethically ambiguous issues and potential or real conflicts of interest, both for themselves and for others in the organization.

Mission & Vision:

  • Puts the mission and success of KTOO first;
  • Maintains our workplace in line with our organizational values;
  • Has a proven ability to explain organizational mission to staff, external stakeholders and the public at large, stand behind it and interpret its applications for others;
  • Frequently refers to the mission and incorporates it into daily activities;
  • Has the ability to project KTOO’s and the community’s long-term needs
  • Sees future trends in media, related fields, and the world, and plans for the impact on KTOO’s operations;
  • Is a big picture person and balances vision with action;
  • Enrolls others in working together to execute vision.

Community Relationships:

  • Continues to grow KTOO’s presence in Juneau and quickly becomes an active participant in our community;
  • Has a strong record of community engagement and collaboration, and of developing partnerships with individuals and organizations;
  • Personally builds and maintains key relationships to ensure fund development strategy is achieved;
  • Is comfortable and effective with a wide range of people, including those at high levels of civic leadership in the region;
  • Is comfortable with being viewed as a civic leader in our community;
  • Has a high level of energy for the work, including authentic enthusiasm for Juneau and Alaska.

Industry & Technical Knowledge:

  • Has a high level of understanding of the dynamics, issues and trends in media (especially public media) and the ability to lead KTOO in this area;
  • Understands and has experience with issues related to non-profit organizations;
  • Assures that the operations of KTOO’s broadcast licenses fully comply with all applicable federal and state rules and regulations and that KTOO complies with all grant conditions and requirements;
  • Is able to manage KTOO’s building and technical facilities.


Livingston Associates is assisting KTOO in this search. To apply submit your resume and a letter of introduction including your vision for the future of KTOO and public media and how you will be the ideal person to lead us in achieving that vision. These documents should be uploaded when you apply.

Application date for full consideration: July 31st, 2022

Inquiries are welcome with Livingston Associates at (410) 243-1974.

About KTOO

KTOO is a non-profit Juneau-based corporation providing telecommunications services to Juneau and statewide audiences. Through wide-ranging services and partnerships, KTOO has grown from a local radio and television station to an enterprise that connects Juneau with the rest of Alaska and provides information and entertainment to our citizens across platforms.

KTOO owns and operates three public radio stations. KTOO offers a diverse range of news programs and is the most-listened-to radio station in the Juneau radio market. KRNN provides a broad mix of music and arts programming. KXLL offers alternative pop sounds, soul, rock, R&B, and hip-hop music and spotlights new and emerging Alaskan artists.

Our team also provides a variety of public services throughout Alaska, including the Alaska Public Media program service to Southeast Alaska. KTOO-TV operates a full-time cable and satellite television channel, KTOO 360TV (formerly 360 North), which beams live C-SPAN style coverage of the state legislature throughout Alaska (Gavel Alaska). The channel expanded in 2007 to provide a wide variety of Alaska programming on a year-round basis.

The KTOO production team assists a range of government, agency and non-profit clients with audio and video production and program distribution services.

Our website delivers KTOO’s content to an expanding online audience throughout Alaska and the lower 48.

KTOO is an equal opportunity employer.  We are committed to diversity in hiring. Read our Diversity Policy here.


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