KTOO Public Media is seeking a contractor or employee to serve the functions of IT Manager at KTOO. We are open to creative and hybrid approaches, partnerships and pricing models. We are willing to meet with prospective vendors and candidates and to provide physical and virtual tours of our IT assets. Our current IT manager is with us until the end of February and will be available to assist with the transition. As a non-profit, we have a limited budget for IT infrastructure but we have been successful in finding innovative low-cost solutions to our needs.

Our IT infrastructure, services and staffing includes the following:

1. About 60 office desktop computers (all Dell, all < 5 years old), plus 10 laptops for production use in the field, plus a variety of printers, copiers and other networked devices.
2. Microsoft Windows network with 15 managed Cisco switches
3. Standard Microsoft Office products.
4. Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium subscriptions for Outlook for about 160 users.
5. VOIP phone system running 3CX software with approximately 60 Yealink phones
6. Complex network infrastructure for the production and distribution of audio and video content, including discrete audio and video networks, remote sites in Juneau connected via fiber, microwave or broadband.
7. Complex broadcast operations, fundraising and accounting software, including AudioVault, Axia, Allegiance, ProTrack, Harmonic, Adobe Premiere, Screen Connect and MIP.
8. Off-site locations at KCAW Sitka, KRBD Ketchikan and KSTK Wrangell.
9. Building management IT systems including a Millenium keycard system, LOREX security cameras.
10. A shared regional IT Manager, based in Sitka; a full-time radio broadcast engineer, based in Juneau; and the availability of support and consultation from our sister station in Anchorage and from our statewide support organization, Alaska Public Broadcasting, Inc.

We are seeking  applicants with the experience, training and education to take on the following responsibilities:

1. Advice, planning, design and specification IT software and hardware systems and equipment, including distribution, transmission, automation, production and master control hardware and software.
2. Advice and consultation on technology trends and developments, best practices, security and productivity.
3. Network management, including routine maintenance procedures, performance, security, business continuity, upgrades, backups and setup of distant network locations.
4. Same-day desktop support for approximately 25 users in Juneau.
5. Administration of KTOO’s Office 365 “Business Premium” subscription services.
6. Administration of KTOO’s 3CX phone system.
7. Serve as primary point of contact with various technology vendors, including ACS, GCI, Dell, Microsoft, Soft Point, Tech Soup and Adobe.
8. Installing, maintaining, commissioning and training on standard office IT hardware and software systems.
9. Installing, maintaining, commissioning and training on specialized broadcast IT systems, including fiber optic systems, satellite interconnection equipment, routing and distribution systems, video and audio switchers, video and audio production systems and other ancillary equipment generally associated with broadcast controls rooms, studios and transmission sites.

To apply: Please submit a letter of interest, resume with three professional references online at http://www.ktoo.org/job-opportunities/apply-online/

KTOO is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Posted 12/5/2018