Gavel Alaska

House Finance Committee

HB 39 – APPROP: OPERATING BUDGET/LOANS/FUND; SUPP HB 41 – APPROP: MENTAL HEALTH BUDGET Presentation: Deferred Maintenance by Neil Steininger, Director; Paloma Harbour, Fiscal Management Practices Analyst, Office of Management and Budget; Department of Transportation and Public Facilities; University of Alaska Bills Previously Heard/Scheduled

House Judiciary Committee

Department of Corrections Overview by: Commissioner-Designee Jen Winkelman; Deputy Commissioner April Wilkerson; Deputy Commissioner Jake Wyckoff

House Resources Committee

Overview: Responsibilities and Current Issues by Department of Fish and Game University Efforts and Status of Land Grant by Chad Hutchinson

Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn Presentation: Learn about the impact, needs and services for seniors in Alaska by Marge Stoneking, Associate Director – AARP Alaska

State of the Judiciary Address

Chief Justice Daniel Winfree delivers the annual State of the Judiciary Address to a joint session of the Alaska Legislature.

Senate Finance Committee

State Debt Summary & Credit Review – Ryan Williams, State Debt Manager Bills Previously Heard/Scheduled

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