Matt Moonlighting as the Purple Panda

Matt Miller
Matt Miller has been KTOO’s Morning Edition host for more than 10 years. Matt produces the local news segments that are woven into national content from NPR as well as reporting on Juneau and Alaska news. His professional radio career has been exclusively in Alaska, starting with the early realization that he could actually get paid to spin vinyl and talk at a Kodiak public radio station. He then moved to journalism just before the Exxon Valdez oil spill and has continued in commercial and public radio working as reporter or news director at stations in Wrangell, Juneau, and Skagway-Haines. His journalism experience ranges from coverage of municipal government to the Alaska Legislature, courts and legal issues, science, Alaskan history, and any story that allows the reporter to take full advantage of the radio medium. His stories have been carried by state and national networks and he’s won numerous awards from state and regional press associations. Most of his spare time is taken up with whittling down a never-ending list of home improvement projects and playing in the Alaskan outdoors.


Telling Tales

Ms.G has been hosting “Telling Tales with Ms. G”, (formally “Left Hanging”), since September, 2009. Stories have always held a fascination for her. As she describes, “I can literally taste, hear and feel a story and the characters while reading it. So when I’m considering what story to read for a show I think about how it makes me feel and imagine and try to bring that forth with my voice for the listener. Regardless of the story content I want the listener to have an experience. I want them to like the story of course, but more importantly I want the story to be memorable, not necessarily me, the story.”



John and Dolly Kremers
John and Dolly are the dynamic duo that engineers many of our local productions. When not “running the board” for our community hosts, they can be found walking friends’ dogs, jogging through town, or checking out the stars.


Rich Moniak

Rich Moniak
Rich Moniak is the backup host of PeaceTalk, a monthly program produced by Veterans for Peace for KTOO’s “Focus on Community”. Rich serves as secretary for the Juneau chapter of Veterans for Peace. He is a Capital Community Broadcasting board member, writes a bi-weekly opinion piece for the Juneau Empire, and earns a living as an engineer with the U.S. Coast Guard. His spare time is spent hiking and kayaking around Juneau, on weekly outings with his “little” brother, and for news he sets his dial to KTOO.



Martha Moore
Martha engineers for the CBJ Assembly Meeting broadcast and occasionally for “Focus on Community”. She has been a volunteer for KTOO for almost ten years. Martha also hosts “Women’s Prerogative” the first and fifth Thursdays of the month on KTOO News sister station KRNN at 102.7. This program, on the air since 1975, features women who write and perform music. Martha is retired and likes to bike, travel and do other volunteer work.


Dr. E

Elaine Schroeder, Ph.D
Elaine hosts a monthly mental health call-in show. As a practicing psychotherapist, her program focuses on a different psychological or societal topic each episode which she explores with in-studio guests and callers. Her show is designed to inform Southeast listeners as well as create a dialogue about issues ranging from mindfulness practices to the role of psychoactive medications in people’s lives. Elaine’s show is live and listeners are encouraged to call in and comment or ask questions about the topic at hand.