Legislative Budget & Audit


I.           Call to Order

II.          Approval of Minutes

a. 8/27/21

III.         Executive Session

a. Final Audit Report:

 i. Board of Chiropractic Examiners (Sunset)

b. Preliminary Audit Report:

 i. Regulatory Commission of Alaska (Sunset)

 ii. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (Sunset and Special Audit)

 iii. Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (Sunset)

c. Progress on FY 21 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report Audit and FY 21 Statewide Single Audit

IV.        Other Committee Business

a. Audit Requests:

 i. Technical Vocational Education Program (TVEP)

 ii. Office of Information Technology (OIT)

b. Finalize: Audit Oversight Framework

V.          Adjournment


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