House Labor & Commerce Committee



Consideration of Governor’s Appointees:

– Alcoholic Beverage Control Board: John Cox

– Alaska Labor Relations Agency: Patty Burley,

Denny DeWitt, & Justin Mack

– Alaska State Board of Public Accountancy:

Rachel Hanks, Lance Johnson, Steven Jordan, &

Donald Vieira

– Alaska Workers’ Compensation Board:

Christopher Dean, Michael Dennis, Anthony Ladd,

Jason Motyka, Nancy Shaw, Dave Talerico, Robert

Weel, & Lake Williams

– Board of Direct Entry Midwives: Tanya Kirk

– Board of Chiropractic Examiners: Tim Kanady &

John Loyd

– Board of Massage Therapists: Kristin Tri

– Board of Nursing: Lena Lafferty, Wendy Monrad,

& Michael Wilcher

– Board of Pharmacy: Richard Holt & Justin


– Board of Veterinary Examiners: Denise Albert,

Rachel Berngartt, Scott Flamme, & Hal Geiger

– Marijuana Control Board: Casey Dschaak,

Christopher Jaime, & Bruce Schulte

– Occupational Safety & Health Review Board:

Vincent Perez & John Stallone

– Real Estate Commission: Traci Heaton &

Elizabeth Schok

– Board of Professional Counselors: Dorene Hagen

– Board of Social Work Examiners: Mindy Swisher

— Public Testimony <Time Limit May Be Set> —

Bills Previously Heard/Scheduled