Legislative Budget and Audit Committee



a. RPL # 05-2021-0075, DEED, National Endowment for the Arts CARES Act

b. RPL # 08-2021-0814, DCCED, Administration of State of Alaska COVID-19 Small Business Relief

c. RPL # 10-2021-5047, DNR, Geological and Geophysical Surveys

d. RPL # 10-2021-5315, DNR, Federal and Local Govt. Funded Forest Resource and Fire Program

e. RPL # 10-2021-5316, DNR, National Historic Preservation Fund

f. RPL # 10-2021-5137, DNR, Geologic Mapping for Energy Development (USGS STATEMAP)

g. RPL # 10-2021-5318, DNR, Critical Minerals Mapping – Earth MRI (3DEEP)

h. RPL # 10-2021-5319, DNR, Agriculture Grant Programs Funding – Economic Assistance

i. RPL # 11-2021-0021, ADF&G, Chinook Mitigation

j. RPL # 11-2021-0022, ADF&G, Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery

k. RPL # 12-2021-0047, DPS, Marine Fisheries Patrol

l. RPL # 18-2021-0447, DEC, Fairbanks PM2.5

Nonattainment Area Voluntary Heating Device Change Out Program