Advisory Task Force on Higher Education and Career Readiness


Meeting to be Continued on 01/12/11 at 8:00 am Opening Comments: Co-Chair Senator Gary Stevens 8:40 – PTA Goes to Work by Paula Pawlowski, Director, Parent Engagement Program, Alaska PTA 9:50 – Policy Discussion: Improving Teacher Quality – Teacher Preparation, Compensation, On-Going Professional Development, Tenure Policy 11:00 – Policy Discussion: Curriculum Alignment – Identify Pre-K, Primary, Secondary Curriculum Goals Their Alignment w/ Postsecondary/Career Preparedness 12:00 – Lunch Break 1:10 – Policy Discussion: Ways to Improve Early Academic Assessment, Placement Delivery (Testing Counseling) 2:20 – Policy Discussion: Alaska’s Current School Funding Formula – Adjustments to Consider for Improving Student Opportunities Performance 3:30 – Policy Discussion: Local Control Issues – Accountablitily Funding Incentives 4:30 – Public Testimony


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