Live coverage of the Alaska legislature, including committee meetings, Alaska senate and house floor sessions, press conferences and other legislative events. In addition, we cover oral arguments before the Alaska Supreme Court, administration press conferences and briefings, general government activities, and other meetings about legislative issues or of political interest.


Legislative Council

Approval of Agenda Approval of Minutes: May 12, 2022 Committee Business – Executive Session RFP – Remodel of Assembly Building Request to Intervene in Certain Litigation Committee Business Anchorage Legislative Office Building Snow Removal Contract Renewal No. 1 Revised Leg Council Social Media Policy


Legislative Budget & Audit

Report: Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation Investigation: Invited Testimony, Outside Counsel Howard Trickey, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt Christopher Slottee, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt Peter Scully, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt Teleconference: 907-586-9085 Juneau; 907-563-9085 Anchorage; 844-586-9085 toll free outside JNU/ANC


Poverty & Opportunity Task Force

Presentation: House Poverty and Opportunity Task Force on Effects of Poverty on Brain Development by Dr. Joan Luby and Dr. Diana Fishbein


Legislative Budget & Audit

I. Special Audit Request a. Office of Information Technology (OIT) II. Executive Session a. Procurement for FY 23 Single Audit Contract b. Preliminary Audit Release 1. State Medical Board (Sunset) c. Final Audit Release 1. FY 21 Single Audit 2. Alaska CARES Act Grants (Special)

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