Live coverage of the Alaska legislature, including committee meetings, Alaska senate and house floor sessions, press conferences and other legislative events. In addition, we cover oral arguments before the Alaska Supreme Court, administration press conferences and briefings, general government activities, and other meetings about legislative issues or of political interest.

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Select Committee On Legislative Ethics

Anchorage Only: 563-9085 Juneau Only: 586-9085 Outside Anchorage or Juneau: 1-844-586-9085 1. PUBLIC COMMENT 2. CHAIR/STAFF REPORT a. Gift of Travel. Hospitality disclosures b. 2022 State Benefit and Loan Program Review c. 2022 Standards of Conduct Handbook d. 2022 Ethics Training 3. CONTRACT REPORT a. Outside Counsel b. Investigator 4. OTHER BUSINESS


Legislative Council

I. Call to Order II. Approval of the Agenda III. Approval of Minutes a. June 16, 2021, Meeting b. June 25, 2021, Meeting c. August 16, 2021, Meeting d. September 23, 2021, Meeting IV. Committee Business a. Teleconference/Media Services Policy b. Anchorage Legislative Office Building Security Services Contract c. Amendment to Legislative Procurement Procedures d.…


Redistricting Board

Agenda: Call to Order/Establish Quorum Adoption of Agenda Adoption of Minutes Litigation Review in Executive Session with Counsel Litigation Management Discussion Adjournment


Legislative Budget and Audit

I. Executive Session 1. Final Audit Report: i. Regulatory Commission of Alaska (Sunset) ii. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (Sunset and Special Audit) iii. Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (Sunset) 2. Preliminary Audit Report: i. Board of Pharmacy (Sunset) 3. Legislative Finance Division Personnel II. Other Committee Business 1. Revised Program Legislative (RPL) 2.…

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