2015 Juneau Election

The election results are in.

Final count (including absentee and questioned ballots).

  • Election Certification – Tuesday, October 13
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Election Returns


Merrill Sanford (33%)

Merrill Sanford

Greg Fisk (66%)

Greg Fisk

Write-in (0%)


District 1 Assembly

Loren Jones (95%)

Loren Jones

Write-in (5%)


District 2 Assembly

Dixie Hood (35%)

Dixie Hood

Jerry Nankervis (41%)

Jerry Nankervis

Jason Puckett (23%)

Jason Puckett

Write-in (1%)


School Board

Emil “Robert” Mackey (2608 votes)

Emil “Robert” Mackey

Jason Hart (2151 votes)

Jason Hart

Jeff Redmond (1469 votes)

Jeff Redmond

Andrea “Andi” Story (3606 votes)

Andrea “Andi” Story

Josh Keaton (2815 votes)

Josh Keaton

Write-in (151 votes)


Election News

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Candidate Debates

Watch: School Board Candidate Debate (Recorded 9/28)

Watch: Assembly Candidate Debate (Recorded 9/29)

Polling Locations

Call 1-888-383-8683 for your polling place

Sample Ballot