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Workshop Schedule

July 3, 1:00-4:00 p.m. – Centennial Hall

Acrobatics Workshop
Learn how to tumble, stand on your hands, and make a human pyramid! In this acrobatics workshop we will play with the basics of forward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, group acrobatics, and more. Suitable for all ages and skill levels. Just bring yourself and a desire to learn, have fun, and see the world upside down. We’ve got the mats!

Contact Juggling Cartography
This is a workshop for inquisitive explorers who would like to discover and map the various points of balance possible on one’s own body. In this guided exploration of contact juggling, we will use a ball to learn balance point acquisition, isolations, pushing/pulling, imaginary shapes and more! From the mountains of the skull bones to the wristy regions of the lower palm, come and learn to create a personal cartography of contact juggling!

Deep Clowning
Find your freedom in silliness and serious fun!  Called by some “the smallest mask” and “the mask that reveals,” the red nose of the clown connects us to the understanding of the heart. We find ourselves transformed when we put on the nose, and reconnect to our essential selves. Discover yourself and the way the world looks with a nose!

A chance for kids to get out some energy and make noise in a positive and constructive way. In my basic drum and percussion workshop kids will have access to everything from bass drums and surdos to tambourines and shakers and can learn a variety of beats and rhythms, or can just make noise, whatever they want!

A workshop to musical accompaniment about learning the secrets of folding a t-shirt in two seconds, fitted sheets, pillow cases, pants, short and long sleeved shirts, napkins, and, dare I say it, non-conforming undergarments.

Fire by Friction
This workshop is a hands on introduction to starting fires using friction. That’s right! We’ll be frantically rubbing sticks together until we make a tiny, precious ember; which we’ll place lovingly in a cozy nest of combustibles; And then we’ll gently blow, and blow, until smoke pours forth and flames emerge. Expect to use materials from the lower 48, with hopes of finding Alaskan counterparts. Participants will leave this workshop with a greater understanding of and appreciation for fire.

Hula hoops
Everyone gets a turn in this in this group hoop jam and skill sharing workshop.  All ages and experience levels are encouraged.  A trained teacher will be available to guide you through a dizzying array of tricks or help you master the basics.  Don’t be left out of the loop in the hooping revolution.

One of the most classic, most impressive, and least dangerous circus feats of all! Come learn how to wow your friends, family and random party guests with your newfound skills at the New Old Time Chautauqua’s juggling workshop.

Kiddy Corral
Come play! This is a safe space for the very young of all ages. A gentle introduction to an assortment of such wonders as bubble blowing, feather balancing, tumbling, clowning, mask making, and more. Pure joy! Here is a place to start if you are feeling a bit tender or sensitive.

Learn to fool your friends, family, and maybe even yourself! Professional magician Joey Pipia reveals the secret of, and teaches you to do, an amazing bit of magic. Age 7 to adult.

From earliest times, masks have had spiritual and ceremonial significance. How do you and the world feel different when you are wearing a mask? Play with color, line, form, and substance. Come explore the nature of masks and mask making. With simple materials you can create a mask for yourself. Surprise yourself, your friends, and family, and have fun discovering a new you!

Together we’ll practice a gentle form of exercise that involves simple free-flowing movements that are evocative and fun!  Like painting a Chinese landscape with your whole body. Qiqong (pronounced chee-gung) means energy cultivation.  With roots in Chinese medicine and martial arts, regular practice reduces stress, supports health, and promotes awareness in activity.  No equipment or athletic aptitude required.

Come and learn basic sewing survival skills with Erin. I will show you how to sew a button back in place, mend a tear, hem an edge, or answer any questions you may have about sewing. I will also discuss tricks to care for garments such as stain and odor removal, and de-“pilling” a sweater. If you have tricks of your own, please join our group and share!

Singing Strong – Voice Work with Lindsey Wonder
Join together to share authentic expression through song. Learn to use simple techniques to bring ease and strength to the entire vocal range. All ages and voices are welcome, and especially those who feel challenged by singing are invited to join this fun workshop.

Come learn how to slack-line. Slack-lining is very similar to tight rope walking and in this workshop you will learn how to walk the line, and a variety of tricks. This workshop will have you wide-eyed and giggling regardless of your age or experience level. Come be a slacker today!

Soft Shoe Dance 
Participants slide, spin, and two-step through this fun, funky workshop led by Chautauqua’s real-life sisters, Phina and Sophie Pipia. A great time for newbies, intermediate dancers, or seasoned professionals, this soft shoe workshop will leave you tapping your toes all night long.

Song Swap
Local musicians and anyone who likes to sing are encouraged to bring instruments and their favorite songs to share. All ages are welcome.

Spontaneous Storytelling
We are surrounded by stories.  It is our natural gift to find and create stories. They are everywhere. Come play with sharing and celebrating this joyful tradition.

Learn to stand tall and walk with your head in the clouds! The stilting workshop will help you get up and stay up on stilts of all sizes

Theatre Games Workshop
A real live “Whose Line is it Anyway?” No experience necessary Just come ready to play. For folks14 years old and older and at least 5 people in a workshop.

CAUTION: Side effects of this workshop may include increased confidence, creative problem-solving, new friends, thinking in out-of-the-box ways and… laughing

Ukulele– “Yes, Uke Can
Come one, come all! This workshop invites musicians and aspiring musicians to discover or expand their musical talents. The ukulele is portable, versatile, and, with four strings, easy to learn. Learn a few chords and engage in a group play-along with our enthusiastic ukulele instructors! Bring your own uke or borrow one from us.

Lecture Workshops

A Woman’s Guide to Mastering Our Universe
A workshop to help women read and understand the maps of our inner cycles, and start dancing to the natural rhythms of our bodies and spirits. We will discuss all four weeks/phases of the menstrual cycle (not only the less favorable ones J), and what each phase is asking of us by looking at how it correlates to the phases of the moon, seasons, and all of the natural world around us. By simply listening, we learn how to move with the flow of these currents, becoming more productive, confident, and powerfully creative beings. We will construct simple pocket calendar books to keep track and take notes of our cycles. This workshop is great for all female teens and adults.

Circuit Chautauqua
Come find out about one of the greatest movements in American history. Did you know that a Circuit Chautauqua came to your town 100 years ago?  Did you know that everyone at that time waited all year in great anticipation for the biggest gathering of this community on the calendar? In this workshop you will learn how the Chautauquas began and their inner workings. You will discover that 100 years ago at this time of year your town’s streets and homes were transformed as for 6 days Great Speakers, Opera Singers, and Performers came to enthrall and thrill in name of learning and understanding and going by the name, Chautauqua. Appropriate for older kids on up!

Loving Your Watershed
Think of the lymphatic system as the body’s watershed, a fluid-transport system conveying lymph filled with hormones, nutrients, lymphocytes, white blood cells, proteins and enzymes as well as chemicals, cancer cells, bacteria, viruses, toxins and heavy metals through the body to be recycled and eliminated from the body. Clogged lymph nodes result in weight gain, fat and toxin storage, cellulite, exhaustion, cancer, and weakens the body making it vulnerable to disease. This workshop is designed to help participants understand the importance of a healthy lymphatic system, the potent effects of lymphatic drainage massage, and how to use daily self-care methods and tools that encourage healthy lymphatic flow.

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