Alaska Native Government & Policy

A new report sheds more light on how climate change is impacting Alaska Native villages

A recent report compiled by the Army Corps of Engineers and researchers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks documents erosion and other environmental threats facing communities in rural Alaska.

Metlakatla, which depends on water, has moved quickly to accommodate the realities of drought

Following a season of drought, the Southeast Alaska community of Metlakatla is navigating a different relationship with water, like a number of other places in the region.

A new oil boom on Alaska’s North Slope is encircling a village, and residents have raised a red flag

A major proposed North Slope oil project is running into local opposition from residents of the village of Nuiqsut, who are already partially surrounded by development and wary of more.

Alaska’s top environmental watchdog: State is tackling global warming, but ‘it’s not an emergency’

Not long after being sworn in, Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy disbanded the state’s climate change response team. But Jason Brune, Dunleavy’s top environmental regulator, says the administration isn’t ignoring the issue.