Sealaska revenues jump; timber company diversifies

Southeast Alaska’s regional Native corporation had its highest revenues in recent memory last year. Sealaska made money from investments, timber operations and a number of other subsidiaries. The corporation’s annual report was released as shareholders prepared for Sealaska’s annual meeting, which will be held this year in San Francisco.Related Link: Link to Sealaska’s annual report…

Sealaska explores “green” forestry

Sealaska wants to cash in on corporate America’s interest in going green. The Southeast regional Native corporation is looking into certifying its timber operations as sustainable. It’s also checking into emerging markets for offsetting carbon dioxide emissions. Sealaska, Southeast’s largest timber producer, is working with environmental groups such as Greenpeace. But there’s no guarantee it…

Fall dividend first for new Sealaska shareholders

About a thousand Alaska Natives with roots in Southeast will get their first Sealaska dividends soon. The Juneau-based regional Native corporation will make its next payout in early December. It’s the first dividend since shareholders voted to add descendents to the corporate rolls. It’s also the largest paid out in years.Related Link: Find out if…

Sealaska seeks final Southeast land selections

Southeast Alaska’s regional Native corporation could acquire more federal land under a bill introduced by Congressman Don Young. Sealaska hopes to select second-growth timberland on Prince of Wales Island that is now part of the Tongass National Forest. It also wants a number of sacred sites and other cultural properties throughout the region.

Sealaska votes on making descendents shareholders

Southeast Alaska’s regional Native corporation will soon know whether shareholders descendents will become stockholders themselves. Juneau-based Sealaska will count ballots on the descendents measure at its annual shareholders meeting Saturday in Anchorage. Supporters say it will share the wealth with generations of younger Natives with Southeast roots. Opponents say it will dilute original shareholders’ dividends…

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