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Bachmann Faces Competitive Re-Election Bid In Minnesota

More than nine months after dropping out of the race for the Republican nomination for president, Rep. Michele Bachmann is back on the campaign trail. But this time it’s in her Minnesota congressional district, where she faces an underfunded but tough Democratic opponent.» E-Mail This » Add to

Hawaii Prep School Gave Obama Window To Success

Punahou School occupies a privileged position in Hawaiian society. Barack Obama attended the school on a scholarship starting in the fifth grade. Punahou’s lasting gift to Obama was that the elite environment familiarized him with success.» E-Mail This » Add to

5 Takeaways From The Vice Presidential Debate

Neither Vice President Biden nor GOP Rep. Paul Ryan gave any quarter Thursday night. The two men were pointed and at some points personal in discussing their differences across a broad range of domestic and foreign policy issues.» E-Mail This » Add to

Debate Decision: A Family Still Divided In Swing State Ohio

Tom Barnes, a retired grain farmer born in Ohio, is a Fox News conservative. His daughter, Becky, who’s turned part of the big family farm south of Columbus into an organic vegetable operation, is an Obama Democrat. They try not to talk politics, but during the vice presidential debate, they did. And then some.» E-Mail This » Add to

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