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Carpenter v. Leykis

Juneau woman Karen Carpenter sued Los Angeles radio talk show host Tom Leykis and Westwood One for damages after an July 1998 airing of The Tom Leykis Show on KJNO radio here in Juneau. Carpenter alleged that comments Leykis specifically made about her on the air caused emotional distress. These four stories encompass the entire…

Alaska Flag

One of the current exhibits at the Alaska State Museum in Juneau feature some of the original entries submitted over 70 years ago for design of the Territory of Alaska’s flag. Drawn by 13 year old Alaska Native Benny Benson, the distinctive design of Eight Stars of Gold on a Field of Blue is now…

Pacific Decadal Oscillation

Why do some Alaska salmon runs now appear to be declining? No one really knows for sure, but some scientists are pointing to one theory as a possible answer.Related Link: Steven Hare’s dissertation and subsequent research

The Day After

The attacks of September 11th dominated headlines across the country and even in some places overseas. Here in Alaska, local and state news became irrelevant compared to the tragedy on the East Coast. KTOO’s newscasts, a staple of Morning Edition programming every weekday morning, took a backseat to national network programming. The day after September…

Tuesday Newscast

The latest local, state, and regional news is compiled from reports from the KTOO newsroom, CoastAlaska stations, wire services, the Alaska Public Radio Network, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and can be heard as often as five times each morning during Morning Edition.

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