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Friday, August 12, 2022: Njuzu Marimba Band to perform. Girls on the Run coach recruitment. Juneau Public Libraries update. Juneau Audubon Society spotlights the Barred Owl.


For years, Juneau’s Njuzu Marimba band has promised that their music will put a smile on your face – and they always deliver.

On Juneau Afternoon this Friday, two band members brought some of their joyful harmonies to the studio, to preview their concert at the Sealaska Heritage Institute plaza.

The concert is a send-off for Em Eason, who is headed to college. She’s performed with the group since she was eleven-years-old.

Also, on this program:

  • Efforts to recruit new coaches for AWARE’s Girls on the Run program.
  • Games and prizes at the Juneau Public Library
  • What the Juneau Audubon Society has learned about Barred Owls and the inroads they’re making into the area.
Andy Kline hosts Juneau Afternoon on Fridays.

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Part 1: Njuzu Marimba Group send off for longtime member, Em Eason.

Guests: Em Eason, Njuzu Marimba Group. Jesse Larson, Marimba teacher.
Em Eason and Jesse Larson play marimbas on Juneau Afternoon (Photo by Sheli DeLaney).

The Njuzu Marimba band has brought traditional and modern Zimbabwean music to Juneau for many years. Em Eason, who has been performing with the group since elementary school, talks about how she came of age playing marimbas, embraced by a community of musicians. She says she will seek out that experience when she goes to college. Jesse Larson, who teaches marimba classes, explains what makes this instrument accessible to all age groups and even those who don’t read music.


Part 2: Girls on the Run looking for a few good coaches.

Guests: Natalie Watson, Girls on the Run Manager. Maya Breedlove, Girls on the Run member.
Girls on the Run is about more than getting physical exercise. It’s also an opportunity for girls to build important relationships with each other and their mentors.

Girls on the Run is recruiting coaches for its upcoming season, with training offered this fall.

Natalie Watson and her daughter, Maya Breedlove, talk about how the coaches, themselves, grow as they work to inspire students to be their best selves.






Part 3: August, a month of fun and games at the Juneau Public Library.

Guests: Margaret Luedke, Juneau Public Library Programs and Marketing Coordinator.
August, which is traditionally a rainy month, is a great time to plan an adventure at the Juneau Public Library. Margaret Luedke tells you how.


Part 4: You may hear the Barred Owl in Juneau before you see it.

Guests: Brenda Wright, Juneau Audubon Society programs manager.

This Barred Owl was photographed in Juneau by Bob Armstrong.

The Barred Owl is known for its mating ritual duets, which over the years have been heard more frequently in Juneau. Brenda Wright explains how the owl has steadily expanded its range across the North American continent, and in the last 40 years, made its way  into Juneau. She says if you listen closely, the bird’s call almost sounds like it’s saying, “Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you?”

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