Tuesday, May 31, 2022: Rosita Worl on indigenizing downtown Juneau. A conversation with Chilkat weaver Lily Hope.  

The design of the new arts campus is inspired by traditional bentwood boxes (Photo courtesy of Sealaska Heritage Institute).


As dancers and culture bearers stream onto the streets of downtown Juneau for Celebration this year, things will look very different from the last gathering in 2018 — all part of Rosita Worl’s vision for turning Juneau into a Northwest Coast capital for indigenous art.

On this Tuesday’s Juneau Afternoon, the head of the Sealaska Heritage Institute talks with KTOO’s Rhonda McBride about that dream, which is starting to take shape with a new art school, plaza and a totem trail.

  • Also on this program: Lily Hope’s dream to revitalize Chilkat weaving, part of an interview that aired on March 31, 2022.
Rhonda McBride, Producer of Juneau Afternoon

Rhonda McBride hosted this Tuesday’s program. You can catch Juneau Afternoon , Tuesday through Friday, live at 3:00 p.m. on KTOO Juneau 104.3.  The rebroadcast airs at 7:00 p.m. on KTOO. You can also listen online at ktoo.org.

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Part 1: Restoring Native identity to Lingít Aaní.

Dr. Rosita Worl attributes the renaissance of Southeast Native cultures, in part, to being able to leverage Native corporation profits for language and culture preservation programs (Photo courtesy of SHI).
Guests: Rosita Worl, President of Sealaska Heritage Institute.
How Sealaska Heritage Institute is changing the face of downtown Juneau by reclaiming Lingít Aaní, a journey that began with Celebration back in the 1980’s and continues today with the grand opening of SHI’s new arts campus. SHI President Rosita Worl says the campus will be dedicated at Celebration this year, a time when Juneau will be officially named the Northwest Coast Arts Capital and art from the region, declared a national treasure.


This 360 degree totem was fashioned by a team of master artists led by a TJ Young, a Haida carver. The totem is carved on all sides and is the first of kind in Alaska, designed to honor Southeast Alaska’s Lingít, Haida and Tsimshian peoples. It will be unveiled at this year’s Celebration.


Part 2: Lily Hope, artist and dream weaver.

Lily Hope weaves at her loom (Photo courtesy of Sydney Akagi @sydneyakagiphoto)
Guests: Lily Hope, owner of Wooshkindein Da.àat-Lily Hope Weaver Studio.
Lily Hope, holding the sign for her new gallery, Wooshkindein Da.áat, which means “Walking together, upwards.” (Photo courtesy of Sydney Akagi, @sydneyakagiphoto)

How Chilkat weaver Lily Hope uses mountain goat wool and cedar bark to spin a vision of the future.

(Please note: This interview originally aired on March 31, 2022. )

Lily Hope, winner of the SHIFT: Transformative Change and Indigenous Arts award from the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation for cultural preservation (Photo credit: @SydneyAkagiPhoto).
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