Wednesday, July 28th: Jon Hays and the Juneau Piano Series. An encore for the Juneau Volunteer Marching Band. Lessons on feeding the future from Juneau Composts.   

If the Wilhelm Schimmel concert piano tucked away at Centennial Hall could talk, it would probably tell you how much it craves some musical company.

Jon Hays surely feels the Schimmel’s pain. After all, he helped raise the money to bring this fine instrument to Juneau – and founded the Juneau Piano Series, to make sure the Schimmel’s keyboards feel some love.

KTOO’s Sheli DeLaney spent some time with Hays this week as he prepared for his concert this Saturday. On  Wednesday’s Juneau Afternoon…  a preview of the workout Hays will give the Schimmel’s ivories.

Also on this Wednesday’s Juneau Afternoon:

  • The Juneau Volunteer Marching Band is back for an encore performance. Why you won’t want to miss their Conductor’s Favorites concert during the Fresh Air Market on August 7th.
  • How to treat your soil with some TLC. Juneau Composts’ Lisa Daugherty will share some of her secrets.

Catch Juneau Afternoon this Wednesday, live at 3:00 p.m. on KTOO Juneau 104.3, online at, and repeated at 4:00 p.m. on KRNN 102.7.

Listen to the whole show:

Part 1:  Jon Hays talks about his efforts to bring classical piano music to Juneau and his upcoming concert at Centennial Hall.

Part 2: The Juneau Volunteer Marching Band concert on August 7th is full of surprises. Guests: Sarah McNair-Grove and Bradley Saunders. 

Part 3: Lisa Daugherty, founder of Juneau Composts, talks about the art of feeding the soil.

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