Juneau officials release COVID-19 vaccine survey results, more than 2,300 residents responded


More than 2,300 Juneau residents weighed in on the City and Borough of Juneau’s COVID-19 vaccine survey. The form was intended to get a better sense of resident attitudes and concerns about getting the shot.

CBJ advertised the survey on social media, through the mail and on flyers throughout the city. It was distributed both online through SurveyMonkey and as a hard copy at several public buildings.

Christine Carpenter led the effort to develop the survey. She said about 84% of respondents had already received a COVID-19 vaccine.

“We know that that’s not an accurate depiction of what’s happening across Juneau because we also have the numbers about the percentage of the population that has been vaccinated,” she said.

At the time the survey closed, about 60% of Juneau’s eligible population had gotten at least one dose. Even though the data doesn’t necessarily represent Juneau as a whole, Carpenter said the comments people wrote were useful.

“There were lots of questions about ‘how do you know the vaccine is safe?’ or ‘what’s the FDA process like? I’m concerned that it’s not FDA approved,'” Carpenter said. “There were also a lot of questions about the long-term side effects of the vaccine as well as the short-term side effects.”

CBJ plans to use those responses to develop a communications plan to answer frequently asked questions and address common concerns. Of the respondents who had not gotten a vaccine, 61% of them said they didn’t want to get one, and 52% of those said nothing would change their minds. But Carpenter said the most surprising results weren’t necessarily numbers.

“We learned that people who have not received the vaccine are really spread out across all parts of Juneau,” she said. “There’s not really a whole lot of adequate indicators about who is vaccinated and who is unvaccinated because I think for the most part they’re spread out across all walks of life.”

The full report with more details on the survey results is available on CBJ’s website.

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