Sullivan, after voting to acquit Trump, says the president’s actions were not ‘perfect’

U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, addressing the Alaska Federation of Natives at the Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center on Oct. 20, 2018. (Photo by Zachariah Hughes/Alaska Public Media)

As expected, both Alaska senators voted to acquit President Donald Trump Wednesday, helping their fellow Republicans end the impeachment trial with “not guilty” verdicts.

“I voted against overturning the 2016 vote of millions of Americans and tens of thousands of Alaskans, and against removing the president’s name from the 2020 ballot,” Sen. Dan Sullivan said in a video he recorded to explain his vote.

Other Republicans made floor speeches this week, saying the president’s actions were wrong but not impeachable. Sullivan did not. And he did not take reporters’ questions about impeachment.

But on Wednesday, he issued a statement for the record and a 10-minute video aimed at Alaskans.

For much of the video, Sullivan criticized House Democrats for the impeachment process and defended the Senate’s decision not to call new witnesses. Sullivan also defended the president’s right to pursue investigations in Ukraine.

But the senator does offer some measured disapproval of Trump.

“Were the president’s actions perfect? No,” Sullivan said in the video. “Despite having the authority to investigate corruption in Ukraine and investigate Burisma, I believe the president should have requested such an investigation through more official and robust channels.”

Sullivan has experience in the official channels of foreign policy: He worked at the National Security Council in President George W. Bush’s administration and was an assistant secretary at the State Department.

In his longer statement, Sullivan included a sentence critical of the actions of Trump’s private attorney.

“I also believe that the role of Mr. (Rudy) Giuliani has caused confusion and may have undermined the Trump administration’s broader foreign policy goals with regard to Ukraine,” Sullivan wrote. “But none of this even remotely rises to the level of an offense that merits removing the President of the United States from office.”

Sen. Lisa Murkowski has called the president’s actions “shameful and wrong.”


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