Heavy rain extends Gold Creek Flume Trail closure

Damage to the newly repaired flume trail was caused be heavy rain and landslides over the weekend. Cleanup and repairs are estimated to take four weeks. (Photo courtesy of AEL&P)

The Gold Creek Flume Trail was supposed to reopen to foot traffic Monday. It has been under construction since April. However, heavy rain over the weekend caused landslides which damaged two parts of the trail.

“Our crew was wrapping up out at the Flume Trail on Sunday, and due to the heavy rain it sounds like a landslide occurred in one of the areas of the trestle bridges that we had reconstructed this past spring and summer,” said Debbie Driscoll, Alaska Electric Light and Power Co. vice president and director of consumer affairs.

“Fortunately, no one was on the trail in the area at the time. So this landslide took out part of this bridge, and then our crew returned this morning and found another section very close to that area also taken out from an additional slide,” said Driscoll on Monday.

The slide occurred near the middle of the flume. Driscoll estimates the cleanup and repair will take four weeks, and the trail will remain closed to foot traffic during that time.

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