Emergency personnel rescue two people from Gold Creek

Two people needed rescuing from Gold Creek near Cope Park around midnight on Saturday.

Juneau Police Department responded to a call about a man and woman needing help. Police arrived on the scene first, and called Capital City Fire/Rescue.

Assistant Fire Chief Chad Cameron says the creek and fencing made it difficult to reach the people.

“We actually had to use ropes, pulley systems and a ladder to get down to the creek there to get to the first patient,” he said. “Then from that patient, we walked upstream a little bit from going down the dirt embankment and walked to the creek.”

Cameron says the two people were unconscious and unresponsive.

Emergency personnel were able to wake them and they were transported to Bartlett Regional Hospital for further evaluation.

Cameron did not know their ages, but estimated they were about middle age.

It was also unclear whether the two incidents were related.

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