Homeowner discharges handgun to breakup violent dog fight 

Juneau police say a Mendenhall Valley homeowner discharged a handgun to break up two dogs fighting. 

According to police Sgt. Sterling Salisbury, a man was dog-sitting a pit bull. He was walking the dog in the 4400 block of Columbia Boulevard, when another dog approached and started a “violent fight.”

The dog-sitter tried to break the two animals apart, Salisbury said. Then the woman who owned the second dog came out of a nearby home and also tried to break them up, unsuccessfully.  

One dog began biting both the man and woman. A homeowner came out into the street as well. He tried screaming at the dogs, but got nowhere. 

“He discharged a single round from a pistol into the ground in a safe direction causing the dogs to break apart,” Salisbury said.

They were able to get both dogs under control.  

The second dog, which was injured, was driven to a veterinarian prior to Juneau police arriving on scene. Its breed wasn’t immediately available. Animal Control declined to comment citing privacy concerns.  

One dog handler sustained a possible broken hand, while the other sustained minor injuries.

Animal Control is investigating the dog bite. 

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