Police shooting victim pleads guilty to reduced charges


Juneau Police Department says this vehicle axle shaft with interior rifle boring was aimed by Jeremie Tinney at others before the officer-involved shooting on Ocean View Drive on Dec. 3, 2016. (Photo courtesy Juneau Police Department)

A Juneau man shot by a police officer after pointing something that looked like a rifle has been sentenced to serve over seven months in prison.

As part of a plea and sentence agreement with prosecutors, Jeremie Shaun Tinney, 39, pled guilty Thursday to misdemeanor charges of failing to stop for a peace officer, driving while intoxicated, and assault.

The charges stemmed from an incident Dec. 3, 2016, when an officer fired a single round at Tinney, who was in a vehicle in the ditch on Ocean View Drive.

State investigators later determined Tinney had pointed an object at officers that appeared to be a rifle, but really wasn’t a firearm.

Dec. 3, 2016 incident as recorded by a JPD officer’s recorder:

“What the hell’s he have?…Put it down!…It looks like a barrel.”

(shot fired)

“Was that you or him?”

“That’s me.”

Tinney was hit by bullet fragments and medevaced to Seattle for medical treatment, but he was not seriously injured.

His blood alcohol content was 0.319 or nearly four times the legal driving limit.

Jeremie Tinney vehicle

Jeremie Tinney’s vehicle as it appeared in the ditch off Ocean View Drive on Dec. 3, 2016. (Photo courtesy Juneau Police Department)

After Tinney’s release from the hospital, Washington authorities arrested him on unrelated charges. According to the Juneau Empire, Tinney was sentenced to 180 days in jail for a probation violation and then was extradited by the state of Alaska.

Here in Juneau in March, Tinney was charged with felony failing to stop for an officer. That was downgraded to a misdemeanor, while a reckless endangerment charge and an additional charge of misdemeanor assault were dismissed as part of the plea agreement.

On Thursday, Tinney was ordered to serve a total of 220 days in prison and pay a $3,000 fine. No probation was imposed.

Tinney’s driver’s license was revoked for a year. He must follow through with alcohol treatment and later use an ignition interlock device for a year.

He had already been convicted of DUI in 2002.

Superior Court Judge Louis Menendez said “in other parts of the country, incidents like this usually end in tragedy. You’re a very fortunate guy.”

“When you wake up in jail after an incident like this, you’re glad to be there,” Tinney said.

Tinney said he just wanted to go home and be with his kids.

Tinney has been in custody since April. He could be released soon if he gets time off for good behavior.

Juneau police said they investigated 26 incidents since 2009 involving Tinney’s use of guns, reports of domestic violence, and threats of suicide or harming others. Tinney also threatened to shoot officers or commit “suicide by officer,” or provoke an incident in which he would be shot and killed himself

The Alaska Bureau of Investigation investigated the Dec. 3, 2016, shooting on Ocean View Drive.

Afterward, the Attorney General’s office said they would not file criminal charges against Juneau Police Sgt. Chris Gifford for using deadly force against an intoxicated suspect who previously threatened to commit “suicide by officer.”

Then-Chief Bryce Johnson said Gifford had his “complete faith and complete support” and Gifford was allowed to return to full duty.

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