Troopers say man attempted to smuggle heroin to Bethel

Alaska State Troopers say a man arrested in Anchorage with heroin that was headed for Bethel. Troopers report that the man was attempting to smuggle the drugs by hiding them inside his body.

According to court documents, troopers approached William “Billy” Aloysius, 33, at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport on August 31 as he was waiting for his flight home to Bethel.

Troopers already were investigating Aloysius after receiving tips that he could be distributing drugs.

Aloysius consented to a luggage search and troopers found a glass smoking pipe, often used to smoke methamphetamine, in his carry-on. Aloysius “admitted to consuming both methamphetamine and heroin.”

Troopers then obtained a second search warrant and transported Aloysius to the Alaska Native Medical Center for a CT scan.

The investigation revealed a foreign object identified as 19.8 grams of black tar heroin in Aloysius’ rectum. The drug’s street value in Bethel runs between $19,800 to $23,000 according to Troopers.

Aloysius is charged with a class B felony and is being held in the Anchorage Correctional Complex.

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