Telling Tales – 7-18-17

Telling Tales with MsG was joined by guest Bill Merk from Woosh Kinaadeiyi.

Poetry Slam this Fri., 7/21/17 check out Woosh Poetry on facebook.


“The Child” by William Merwin — recited by Bill Merk                    

“I Will Prevail” by Phil Harris — performed by MsG

“Untitled” by Ray Friedlander


Haikus: All performed by Bill Merk

Written by Rosemary Bryerton-Schiff

Her lips even the cherry jealous

Shaking the petals smoothing out her favorite blouse with the violets

That summer we picked blackberries purple kisses


Written by Bill Merk

Love is short forgetting long broken comb beside the sink

Blue snow holds the shadows memory garden


“When You Have Forgotten Sunday: The Love Story” by Gwendolyn Brooks — performed by MsG

“Merwin is Dying” by Bill Merk

“This Too Shall Pass” by Helen Steiner Rice — performed by MsG


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