Photos: Snow, smiles and splashes at Eaglecrest Slush Cup 2017

After two short seasons due to low snow, Eaglecrest Ski Area closed out a full winter this past weekend with the traditional crowd favorite Slush Cup.

Participants are encouraged to dress up in wacky costumes as they ski or snowboard through a handful of gates, culminating in attempt to hydroplane across a waist deep artificial pond. Everyone gets one shot, and points are awarded for best costume, best accuracy, and of course to the biggest show-off.

Equipment, speed, skill and luck play a part in the difference between a splish and a splash.

Eaglecrest reported the winners of the 2017 Slush Cup in 3 categories:


1st place – Bruce Griggs
2nd place – Kent Hart
3rd place – Don Meiners


1st place – Ronan Davies
2nd place – Jaime Morao
3rd place – Jessica Greg


1st place – Florian Wade
2nd place – Gabi Griggs
3rd place – Nettle Hart

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