Tug goes aground near Ketchikan

Coast Guard officials are checking on potential pollution from a tug that ran aground Wednesday evening.

The 90-foot tug Samson Mariner suffered from a 2-inch breech in the hull and a hole in a fuel cell when it hit Rosa Reef in northern Tongass Narrows.

Preliminary reports indicate the tug lost power and steering.

The Coast Guard said there was about 30,000 gallons of fuel on-board the tug, and an estimated 3,000 gallons was discharged.

A boom was placed in the area and members of the Coast Guard’s Marine Safety Detachment in Ketchikan were scheduled to check out any pollution on Thursday.

The Samson Mariner was towing a 100-foot barge when it ran aground.

The tug was refloated and towed to Ward Cove.

There were no injuries reported.

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