Juneau Afternoon 10-5-16

By October 4, 2016A Juneau Afternoon

Wednesday at 3 on A Juneau Afternoon, Jamie Waste will be your host.

We’ll find out about this weekend’s presentation of Nellie Cashman – A Northern Light, with guests, Mark Whitman and Eve Dillingham;

George Brown and Chris Niemi will be here to highlight events sponsored by the League of Women Voters;

We’ll talk with John Hudson about his Wildlife Wednesday presentation on dragonflies in Alaska;

We’ll find out about the air quality monitoring program this Winter.

We’ll get a preview Saturday’s Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah family concert!

That, Writer’s Almanac, Bird Note, music and more, today on A Juneau Afternoon, live at 3 on KTOO-News, repeated at 4 on KRNN, and available on demand on-line at ktoo.org

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