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Juneau Assembly dismisses Planning Commission chair

The Juneau Assembly unanimously decided Monday to unseat the chair of the Planning Commission. Several assembly members said it was the first time such a decision was warranted during their time in office.

Nicole Grewe was dismissed because she didn’t disclose her relationship when her husband testified at a Feb. 9 Planning Commission meeting.

Her spouse, Todd Boris, spoke out about their neighborhood on North Douglas being zoned for marijuana cultivation. He asked the Planning Commission to consider postponing conditional use permits until all marijuana ordinances were adopted by the assembly.

Assembly member Jerry Nankervis commented that people who apply for conditional use permits didn’t spend as much time testifying as Grewe’s husband did.

“I think what we’re getting to now is (that) the trust and the confidence of the other members on the commission has been irrevocably damaged,” Nankervis said. “And it’s up to us to remedy that — as uncomfortable as that might be.”

Grewe couldn’t be reached for comment on whether her husband was given more time to testify than others.

Assembly member Debbie White said she had seen a number of complaints and worried about the long-term reputation of the Planning Commission. Meanwhile, assembly member Loren Jones said he was torn.

“Because I think potentially (there are) some remedies but at the same time, I think I agree with Ms. White, to her surprise I’m sure” Jones said. “There was some real damage done, and I’m not quite sure this is an action that repairs it.”

Grewe’s term on the Planning Commission was set to expire in 2017. The assembly must now appoint someone to fill the vacant seat.


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