Summit looks at food security, development

SEC Logo Southeast ConferenceBusiness, government and other regional leaders will meet in Juneau March 17-18 for the Southeast Conference’s Mid-Session Summit.

Members will review new developments in fisheries, tourism, resource extraction and other industries.

Executive Director Shelly Wright says they’ll also hear about efforts to make Southeast Alaska more sustainable.

“There’s really some awesome things happening in the food development or food security arena. Lots of greenhouse work, a lot of cultural and traditional lifestyle education (and) nutrition education,” she says.

To support such efforts, Southeast Conference recently hired Lia Heifetz as food security coordinator.

The organization also hired Kaleigh Holm as marine industry coordinator and Lynn Campbell as timber coordinator.

Wright says another potential regional growth area is cultural tourism.

“I think there is kind of a push or a trend for real, authentic, handmade art being promoted in the region,” she says.

The conference will also work on its five-year development plan at the meeting.

Check out the summit’s agenda here.

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